BDB Waterproofing understands that with social distancing being the new normal, having someone in your home now comes with questions. Welcoming a repairman, contractor or handyman no longer comes with such ease, as it did pre-pandemic.

With the spread of coronavirus throughout the world, we must be more cautious now than ever about our interactions with others. Even if you are self-quarantining and practicing social distancing, some things can’t be put on pause—including home repairs.

BDB Waterproofing is still currently operating, so that we can assist you with urgent matters such as water in your basement, cracks in your walls and foundation, or a failing sump pump.

We are taking the necessary precautions to ensure that both our customers and our employees stay safe, such as keeping those who are sick or have been around anyone sick at home, keeping a safe distance between us and others, and taking our temperatures daily.

We want to provide you with 4 simple steps to handle a service call during this time, so you can keep any worries at bay, stay safe, and still service your home.

Scheduling the visit

The most important step is to be honest about your exposure. BDB will contact you about whether you or anyone in your household has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has been quarantines for potential exposure to the virus. It’s important to be honest for everyone’s safety. We will do our part by being honest with you, and not sending anyone with potential exposure into your home.

When scheduling, you can also ask us or any contractor you are dealing with, what steps the company is taking as precautionary measures. You can ask for things such as:

  • Touch free transactions
  • Disinfectant for tools
  • Limiting number of installers
  • Wearing face masks or surgical gloves

Just be sure to have clear communication before anyone arrives of what to expect from each other.

Preparing your house

Create a path for the person to direct them through your home. Move items that may be in the way yourself beforehand and disinfect the area where the worker will be based. You can even prepare a place for their tools by laying floor protection and clean there afterwards. There isn’t scientific evidence that the virus is spread by walking on a floor or fabric, but a barrier can limit exposure. Also, designate a sink that the worker can use if they want to wash their hands. You’ll want to disinfect the wash basin after use.

During the visit

Be sure to stand six feet apart. You can welcome the worker to enter your house as you walk away and keep a safe distance while they are working. Wash your hands as much as you see fit and try to help the worker in a way that can reduce how much he’s touching in your home, such as leaving all the doors open or moving any furniture. If you are leaving a tip, do so with care. See if you can leave a tip electronically or put cash in a sealed envelope for them to take. Another great way to show your appreciation is by leaving a nice review online.

After the visit

Wash your hands. You can’t do this enough. Clean where the contractor was working, ideally in a 6-foot radius and with a proper disinfectant.

That’s it! A safe, responsible way to take a service call.

If you have any questions about how we’re taking appointments right now or need to schedule maintenance on your foundation or basement, please contact BDB Waterproofing today!