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Our basement waterproofing company is based in Omaha, Nebraska.  We provide basement waterproofing, foundation repair and crawl space solutions.

What we pride ourselves most on is our wide variety of systems to solve any problem -- foundation repair, basement waterproofing, damp crawl space repair, or basement finishing products.

With BDB Waterproofing, you get just what you need to fix your problem and that means the best value. We want to help you solve your problems permanently - so we won't try to sell you something you don't need. Afterall, we live in your neighborhood. And of course, all of our work comes with a warranty.

We provide our services throughout Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs and a 250 mile surrounding area.  Call or email us today for a complete basement inspection and no-obligation repair cost estimate.

Services Guarantee:

Customer service is our top priority. Our attention to detail and high standards are an integral part of our methodology. Keeping your basement dry is a team effort from quality walls to proper back fill, drainage and grading.



Best of Omaha

Basement Repair Waterproofing - 1st Place‘Best’ means different things to different people. We don’t steer people’s vote–they can vote for any company they want. To some ‘best’ means highest quality or exceptional service. To others ‘best’ might mean lowest price or longest tradition. A company is chosen Best of Omaha based on how many votes they receive.


GripTite Foundation Systems:

o   #1 Wall Anchors – Leading the Dealer Network in Anchor Sales

o   Midwest Dealer of the Year – Leading in Midwest Region in Overall Performance


our staff


We do all of our work ourselves!!! We do not sub contract to other companies!!!

Every facet of our business has been built on the foundation that safe, healthy practices and good customer service are the two most important aspects of what we do. With this attitude we have become a leader in basement waterproofing, basement preparation, basement finishing and creating overall improvement in the quality of living spaces in homes. It is not just home owners we serve however, we provide our commercial customers with exactly the same amount of care and expertise.

Did you know that the vast majority of homes throughout the US have some type of moisture or water problem in the basement? This is especially true in our area- we are above the national average. You are not alone! Luckily we have the knowledge and experience to help you beat your wet basement challenges.

BDB Waterproofing is a cutting edge technology in the fight against wet basements. We are a trained and authorized installer of this product line and we swear by it. This system is regarded as the best basement waterproofing system on the market by both industry professionals and the many satisfied customers who have had it installed in their basements.