I just wanted to write to say thank you for the wonderful service I received from your company this past week. Since the moment I called on Thursday morning to report that the alarm on my back-up battery had gone off and I wasn’t sure what to do, I have received nothing but prompt service and kind attention to my problem. Your receptionist promptly transferred my call to you initially, and I was surprised that you remembered me, as it had been a few years since BDB installed the piers to level and stabilize my home. That was such a stressful time in my life, and I am happy to report that to date, I have not had any additional issues since the work was completed. I rest easier at night, knowing I don‘t have to worry about the effects the rain or melting snow might be having on my foundation! Your company stood up to its promise of quality work and customer service and I am so grateful!

Wednesday evening, when the alarm on the battery sounded, I have to admit that I experienced a moment of dread. But on Thursday morning, February 11. David Nuss was very prompt in returning my call to set up a time to diagnose and resolve the issue. He arrived the next morning and declared the battery dead. He thought that he would be able to return in the afternoon to replace the battery at a significant estimated cost, but he returned just a couple of hours later, with a whole new pump and battery. When David shared the surprising news, that BDB was not going to charge me for the new, updated equipment, I was definitely taken. by surprise. I understand that you and Heath Sanmann didn’t bat an eye when making that decision. How refreshing to work with a company that stands behind its products and provides a service above and beyond what is typical in this day and age. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity! I am obviously a customer for life (but hoping I won’t ever need your expertise again) and I will gladly recommend your company to anyone who may need your services. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jayne G.,