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During the summer months, we see a lot of cracked walls in homes. But why exactly is that?

It’s not necessarily because your home is not structurally sound, cracks do happen over time. However, these cracks can be a sign of severe foundation damage caused by your home settling. To make matters worse, the longer they are left the worse they become.

But what causes these cracks to happen, and why are they so common during summer? Well, let’s find out.

  1. Bad drywall installation. It could be that during the installation of your drywall, the seams were not properly taped, smoothed and sealed. Fortunately, this type of crack would mean that it’s not a structural issue with your home.

  2. Too much weight on your walls. Hanging heavy items like pictures or mirrors can put a lot of stress on your walls and sometimes even cause cracks. These cracks are caused by stress and can be easily repaired.

  3. Increased moisture levels. When water leaks into your home, it can cause structural materials to swell, rot and weaken. This can cause walls to crack, crumble or even grow mold. Water is one of the biggest causes of foundational issues, which is why we recommend waterproofing your home!

  4. Extreme weather changes. One reason we see more issues during summer is because of temperature swings. Temperatures in Nebraska can quickly go from comfortable, to sweltering hot, to cool in a matter of days. Rise in temperature causes the wood in your home to expand, and when they cool down, the wood shrinks. Cracks can form in the walls because of this movement.

  5. Settlement. Foundation settling is pretty natural but can have some adverse side effects. When unstable soil shifts or sinks, the house settles. This movement causes cracks specifically near the ceilings and doorframes.

Luckily, BDB waterproofing knows how to fix wall cracks and foundation settlement. If you notice cracks in your walls, you can read up on how to identify if they are serious or not. But in general, you should always contact a professional to determine what has caused them and the best way to stop them.

Fixing any kind of crack in your basement or foundation wall or on the floor is important for maintaining the structural integrity of your home. That’s why BDB Waterproofing professionals are highly trained in basement and foundation crack repair. Cracks should be addressed before water starts seeping in through them, or they grow into a serious problem.

If you have cracks in your walls or even your floors, then contact BDB Waterproofing. We can install piers, wall anchors, wall plates, and more to stop cracks and foundation movement and keep your home safe.

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  • Megan Jereb

    Hello! We bought a flipped home back in 2020. Since the cracking has gotten worse and worse and its everywhere. At thiS point im not sure how much can Really be done but i wanted to see about having a PROFESSIONAL look at it

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