Slide Foundation Repair Our foundation repair experts use time-proven techniques
to stabilize your house.
Foundation repair before BDB Waterproofing Foundation repair after BDB Waterproofing
Slide Bowed Basement
Wall Repair
We straighten and strengthen
foundation walls that have bowed.
Bowed wall before BDB Waterproofing Bowed wall after repair by BDB Waterproofing
Slide Foundation Settlement We use braces, piers and anchors
to secure your home's foundation.
Foundation settlement before BDB Waterproofing Foundation settlement after BDB Waterproofing
Slide Basement
Keeping your basement
clean, dry and safe.
Vapor barrier by BDB Waterproofing Basement waterproofing by BDB Waterproofing
Slide Crawl space before BDB Waterproofing Crawl space waterproofing after BDB Waterproofing Crawl space repair We turn a damp, dark space
into a clean, dry storage area.
Slide BDB Waterproofing Omaha truck cement block foundation repair Free estimates Call us at 402-779-3165
to set up an inspection!

Welcome toBDB Waterproofing

BDB Waterproofing offers foundation repair, basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation solutions in Omaha, Lincoln, eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. We have been serving both residential and commercial customers since 1999.

We started as BDB Walls, a foundation-building company. In 2003 we formed BDB Waterproofing, expanding to include foundation repair service as people sought our expertise to fixing foundation problems and crawl spaces. Our technicians are trained from the ground up to recognize problems, determine their severity, and suggest repair solutions that will keep your home or business stable and secure for years to come.

We pride ourselves in using every single day as an opportunity to learn and grow as a company, and as people. It is our goal to always provide the client with the best possible solution, for the best possible price.

Basement water problems?
Cracks in your foundation floors?
A crawl space that needs some work?
Walls that are bowing or crumbling?

BDB Waterproofing offers free inspections. We’ll be happy to come to your home or business, review the problem, and give you an estimate for repairs.

Give us a call at 402-779-3165 or contact us online to set up an appointment.


As your home ages and the soil surrounding the foundation moves, problems may appear. BDB can determine the cause of your foundation issues and fix your foundation problems.

Windows and doors sticking? Is your chimney tilting or leaning? Learn the signs of foundation settlement, and how BDB Waterproofing addresses them.

Bowed walls will lean or curve inward. If left to progress, they can collapse. BDB Waterproofing installs wall anchors to straighten and strengthen bowed walls to keep your foundation strong.

BDB Waterproofing installs indoor drainage systems, exterior water barriers, sump pumps and dehumidifiers to keep your basement or crawl space clean, safe and dry.

BDB uses tough, reliable sump pumps in all of our basement and crawlspace systems to keep water out.


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