A bowed wall is one that is leaning in or curving in. These leans or cracks come from hydrostatic pressure pushing on the foundation walls. This pressure is created whenever the soil expands after absorbing moisture from heavy rain, or when snow is melting on the lawn. Conversely, dry weather conditions can make soil shrink and compact, removing support for your foundation and causing it to crack.

A composite of three images. On the left it shows the exterior of a home and what it looks like when the basement wall is bowed. The middle image shows a contractor doing bowed basement wall repair. The image on the right shows how the wall of the basement is not bowed.

Bowed foundation wall repair: Foundation is curving in (left), BDB Waterproofing installing wall anchors to repair and straighten the foundation (center and right)

A bowed wall is a serious problem, but it is fixable. It’s important to repair a bowed wall as soon as you notice it. If left to progress, the wall can collapse. The shifting foundation can also affect the structural integrity of the entire house.

BDB Waterproofing has been repairing bowed walls since 1999. Our qualified foundation experts can evaluate the situation and determine the best solutions for realigning your basement wall and putting it back into place.

Bowed wall solution: Wall anchors

Bowed walls can be repaired with wall anchors. They counteract the hydrostatic pressure being applied on the wall from the soil surrounding the home.

These anchors are made of strong, durable materials, and coated with a galvanizing agent to prevent deterioration. They have a low-profile wall plate that can easily be painted over or finished.


  • Minimal excavation or disturbance to property, lawn or landscaping.
  • Installed in a day or less.
  • No wait – can be installed year-round.
  • Easily installed in areas with decks, landscaping or flowerbeds.
  • Cost-effective – lower cost than rebuilding foundation wall(s).

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Whether the cracking or bowing is caused by hydrostatic pressure, expansive soil or another problem, don’t risk the investment in your home by failing to address the issue. Contact us to discuss all bowed wall repair solutions.