Most commonly, bowed walls are caused hydrostatic pressure – the downward and outward pressure caused by standing water that pushes against an object or surface, such as your foundation. Grading issues and improper drainage can also cause soil movement that leads to bowed walls.

It is efflorescence, which is salt deposits that come from moisture being present on concrete or masonry block walls. Don’t worry. It’s not harmful and can be removed with basic cleaning techniques.

There are many reasons for cracks in your home’s surfaces. Cracks can be caused by shrinking, settling, bowing from exterior pressure, or severe water infiltration. Some cracking may be insignificant, but if you are concerned about larger cracks, contact BDB Waterproofing for a free inspection to make sure no real damage has been done to your home.

If you have a tile drainage system, it may not be large enough to handle the water around your home. Or the system may not be functioning correctly. BDB Waterproofing can inspect your basement to help you determine where the water is coming from, and if repairs are needed.

Foundations naturally settle over time, so minor cracks can be normal. Large cracks in the foundation are usually caused by bowing or settling as soil gains or loses moisture. Cracks can occur at any home’s age and should be addressed to prevent further damage to the home.

If it’s been dry, the soil around the home can shrink. Once there is a measurable rain, water fills cracks in the soil around the foundation, which can let water in.

This may be a sign of foundation settlement – usually from changesi nthe amount of moisture in the soil surrounding your home. BDB Waterproofing can inspect and evaluate the situation to determine how serious it is.

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