Foundation and structural problems should be handled by a trained and certified foundation repair professional. BDB Waterproofing’s qualified service technicians can assess your foundation repair needs, design the proper solution, and explain the entire process to you.

The foundation is the base of the home, and is the platform that supports its weight. When there is a problem, failing to take care of the underlying issue could jeopardize the structural integrity of your entire home. When parts of the foundation become damaged and weak, they may collapse. To keep this from happening, consult with the experts at BDB Waterproofing when you first notice that something isn’t right.

Common foundation problems and warning signs

Braces on cracked foundation wall by BDB Waterproofing

Cracked foundation wall, before and after foundation repair by BDB Waterproofing.

Sinking/settling foundation

Foundations sink or settle due to poor soil conditions. If improper building techniques or materials were used during home construction, the shifting ground can damage a foundation. Soil can become saturated during a wet season, making it unable to support the weight of a home. When foundation settlement happens, the home will start to sink further and further into the earth on just one side, or on all sides.

Basement/foundation cracks

Concrete in a foundation will naturally shrink and cure over time, causing the material to crack in walls or floors. Foundation cracks typically do not pose a problem for the structural integrity of a home. However, regardless of how minor or severe the crack may look, it still needs to be taken care of so it doesn’t let water seep into the basement and cause damage. We can determine underlying cause of the cracks, then seal them off.

Bowed/buckling walls

Bowing basement walls are often caused by hydrostatic pressure. Whenever it rains or snow is melting, the soil absorbs the moisture and swells up. This puts pressure on foundation walls, and it will eventually cause them to lean into the home. Conversely, overly dry soil can become compacted and place additional pressure on foundation walls.

If a basement wall needs rebuilt, we also offer that as well.

Nebraska’s trusted foundation repair contractor

BDB Waterproofing has been helping homeowners with their structural repair work since 1999. BDB has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Homeowners count on us to be able to quickly diagnose the problem and come up with a solution to prevent further damage. We guarantee that the base of your home will be in solid, stable shape before we leave your property.

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