sagging floor joists

If you ever feel frustrated when you notice a little give in your floors when walking across them, like they droop in certain places and in general are uneven, we understand. However, sagging floors are more than just unsightly; they are potentially dangerous to you and your home.

Sagging floors might indicate something simple, such as a damaged section of the wood under your flooring. It could mean that one of the supports is failing or could be a more serious sign of underlying foundation settlement. But, how do you know if you have sagging floors?

Signs of Sagging Floor Joists

  • Evidence of moisture, wood rot, and compression of the floor joists in your crawl space
  • Sloping, uneven floors
  • Gaps between the floor and interior walls
  • Doors that are sticking that didn’t at some point
  • Gaps between existing columns in your crawl space
  • Shimming between existing columns and girders in your crawl space or basement

To understand how severe your sagging floor is and to figure out a plan on how to fix sagging floors, contact a local foundation repair specialist. Finding a permanent solution to your floors and potential sinking foundation is the only way to give you peace of mind.

Why it’s so important to Fix Sagging Floors

 Sagging floors can and often lead to a more serious problem with your home. You may have a wet crawl space, and when the crawl space isn’t sealed off and protected from moisture, it can damage floor joists, create wood rot, attract unwanted pests, and promote mold and bacteria growth.

BDB Waterproofing uses a proven crawl space encapsulation system to create a fully waterproof area beneath your house. We install durable vapor barriers on walls and liners on floors. We also install sump pumps when needed. These products will help to seal off the crawl space to keep out moisture, humidity and unwanted critters.

Many homeowners do not give much thought to this space below their home, but they should. What happens in the crawl space can have an influence on the rest of the home, including your floors. Fixing sagging floors is well worth the time and expense. It’s a great investment in the health and value of your home.

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