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We tend to see an increase in foundation repair requests during summer months. Mainly because during the summer weather in Nebraska, we see rapidly changing temperatures and moisture levels that add stress to your home’s foundation.

Rain and humidity cause the soil to expand, while hot summer days can cause the soil to quickly contract. When nights start to become cooler, the soil expands once again.

In general, the concrete used for your foundation was designed to withstand a lot of this stress. However, over time the pressure slowly builds and after years and years of expansion and contraction, it cracks and needs repair. During summer months especially, we recommend you to inspect your foundation for signs of settlement or cracks.

Warning Signs of Foundation Damage

We’ve covered the signs of foundation settlement before, but we’ll give you a brief recap. If you see foundation cracks, rotting drywall, water stains, gaps where walls meet, sagging floors or doors and windows that are no longer closing properly, your house may soon face serious foundation issues.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on how the water drains from your house when it rains. If the ground is dry after a rain, the water is draining too quickly. However if puddles are forming or the soil remains damp after a dry spell, the water isn’t draining quickly enough. We’ve spelled out some ways to improve yard drainage if you need some tips.

Minimize the Chance of Foundation Damage

There are a few ways to reduce the likelihood of foundation damage to your home. During summer months, the most effective strategy is to maintain consistent moisture levels around your home.

When it’s hot and dry, watering your foundation and the surrounding soil is extremely beneficial. Invest in a soaker hose to save you time. Effective grading and landscaping can also benefit the foundation of your home and its integrity.

 Have the Foundation Damage Signs Already Happened?

Then contact BDB Waterproofing. Foundation and structural problems should be handled by a trained and certified foundation repair professional. BDB Waterproofing’s qualified service technicians can assess your foundation repair needs, design the proper solution, and explain the entire process to you.

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